About Us



 Jackson is 7 years old and loves animals and superheroes, especially the Avengers.  He thinks he is smarter than everyone and typically when it comes to the former he is.  He also loves to read, play with both his friends and his brothers.  He is maybe one of the most cautious kids on the planet but is slowly stepping out of his comfort zone and has recently said he wants to ride dirt bikes.  First we are going to have to master the pedal bike.



Harrison is 5 years old, and is all heart.  He is obsessed with cougars and has told me not to worry because if we encounter one on a hike he will just be friends with it and we will be fine.  He wants to be a rock climber when he grows up and if his wall scaling ability is any sign of his future climbing skills I think he is well on his way.  Harrison isn’t ever afraid of falling so you gotta keep an eye on where this little man is jumping from.



Edison is 3 years old and is Mr. Will Power.  It is his way or no way, or at least that is what he would like you to think.  Edison gives all his feelings into everything he does when he is excited about something, he is jumping up and down, smiling from ear to ear excited (which lucky for us is most of the time).  However, when he is mad it is the on the floor in tears kind of mad.  He has all the feels.  He is one of those kids who will be told by someone some day that it can’t be done and he will not only find one way to do it, he’ll find two.



 Ouzo is 11 years old, she is my baby girl and my sanity.  She has been with us through it all, she is amazingly tolerant of anything the boys (or any kid) throws at her.  Ouzo loves swimming more than just about anything in the world, we call her a seal because she is black and looks just like a seal in the water.  She won’t ride a paddleboard with you but she will swim along side you forever.  She loves the dog park and running free or just giving kisses.  She also especially loves when she gets to steal all the food the boys drop on the floor (or leave on the table).



Tim and I met in high school and stayed friends while attending different colleges.  We started dating when we were 21 and got married a little over 8 years ago.  Tim works really hard as a nurse at St. Charles so for now I can stay at home with the boys.  He is an awesome dad and spends his days off playing with the kids and giving me some time to go workout and then we get to do family stuff too.  Like Jackson, he loves Avengers so they spend lots of time talking about things I don’t understand but find exceptionally cute.  I love listening to him read stories to the boys or sing them songs at bed time.  We are lucky to both love a lot of the same things like being outside, the Blazers, the Ducks, and just trying to do our best to raise a happy family without going crazy.  I mean you can’t ask for much more than that right?  



I’m Katie, a mom to awesome children and yes, I am one of those annoying people who considers my dog one of my children.  (Sometimes she is even my favorite one, don’t tell.)  I am a little bit shy when it comes to meeting new people but I have a big heart and tend to like everyone first until there is a reason not to.   I enjoy a good run and love my kickboxing class but will never turn down a trip to Sno-cap, some good curly fries or a sour beer.  I have trouble sitting still, which is probably why my children and I get along so well.  I love being outside, going on hikes, floating the river, hanging out by the lakes, really anything.  I am not exceptionally coordinated so you won’t find my shredding it on the slopes or tearing it up on the trails on my mountain bike, but I am always game to try something new.  My goal it to teach my kids to love the outdoors more than the indoors and thankfully I have Bend on my side.