Last Lake Day 2018

Last Lake Day 2018  

I’m not going to lie, before moving to Bend I knew next to nothing about the Cascade Lakes.  Yes, I knew they were there but beyond that I couldn’t tell you anything about them.  Our first summer in Bend was spent getting settled in, floating the river, and avoiding the wilding fire smoke (2017 was a bad one).  However this past summer we got to know the lakes and a whole new world was open to the family and me. 

The Cascade Lakes are nothing short of spectacular and really I have only been to a handful.  The kids, the dog and I, (and my husband when he got the day off) would fill the car with food, life jackets, floaties and everything we could think of to make sure we could last a whole day at the lake.  We always did, and we always came home wanting more.

Monday the 19th they closed the road to the lakes, so Sunday we packed the car up one last time and followed our friends out to Sparks lake for one last lake adventure of 2018.  This time we didn’t bring any floaties as it was much colder then past trips. However, I think the nature gods were smiling down on us and giving us a beautiful send off as the sun was shinning and although part of the lake was frozen Ouzo still went swimming and warmed herself up by the fire and it was never so cold that we needed coats or even gloves.  We roasted hot dogs and marsh mellows and stayed until the sun began to set and you saw a bit of pink shinning upon South Sister. 

I never knew much about these lakes before but they have quickly become a favorite retreat our family.

Some pictures from a few of the lakes we visited this past summer.

Saying goodbye to the Cascade Lakes, can’t wait for another great year in 2019.